11 décembre 2017

Marie BOCHET : Flag bearer of the French Paralympic Team for PyeongChang 2018 !

An encounter with the Paralympic Para-alpine ski champion and the flag bearer for the French Paralympic Team at PyeongChang (March 9-18): Marie Bochet !


What was your reaction when you were nominated?

I was very touched and moved by the announcement. The people around me were saying, “You’ll be the flag bearer for sure!” I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like but, at the same time, I knew that it would probably be a great experience! It was when they announced that I was selected to lead France in PyeongChang that realized how much others believed in me by granting me this role!


Did you hesitate before accepting this task?

To be perfectly honest, yes, I hesitated! I reflected upon it a great deal because I have a demanding sports program, since I will be competing in five events at these Games and racing the downhill on day one, meaning the day following the opening ceremony… In fact, I didn’t attend the Sochi opening ceremony but it’s a pleasant moment that I want to experience alongside friends in the French Team. Before giving my answer, I talked it over extensively with Vincent Gauthier-Manuel, alpine skier and former flag bearer in Sochi 2014. This helped me reach a decision. Of course, my objective is still that of competing but I know that I can meet these two challenges. Four years ago, I would have most likely declined, but now it is too much of an honor to refuse.


How do you see your role?

This task is extremely important to me. In the French teams, there are generally gaps between each individual sport and our unity is what strengthened us at Sochi four years ago. This team is made up of varied but complementary personalities and I sincerely hope that we will form a solid team of supportive members. Although we are alone on D-day, competition day, sharing it is very important from my point of view!


What are your sporting objectives for these Games?

Fall is a very complicated period because the season hasn’t begun yet, so I am getting antsy! I really wish I could be there already… Sometimes I feel completely ready and other times I feel like I need more preparation. In March 2016, we went to PyeongChang. I explored the alpine site: the course is very well thought-out and I had a blast. I cannot wait for March! I’m not putting any pressure on myself concerning the competition outcomes; I just want to avoid having any regrets. The worst thing for me would be tell myself that I didn’t give it my all…


Photo credit : G.Picout / CPSF